8 Highest Paid Jobs in Brazil That You Should Apply For!

highest paying jobs in Brazil

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After the World Cup 2014 and the discovery of the petroleum in some of the parts of the Brazil it’s economic profile has rise up to the high level and the country requires lot of the qualified workforce and manpower for it. Tourism, engineering, agriculture, high profile professionals are some of the best promising careers in Brazil right now.  If you have right skills in it then you will get great promising jobs with it. Here are some of the highest paid jobs in Brazil.

Highest Paid Jobs in Brazil

1) Regional Manager

Regional Manager looks to all the stores in the particular area and manage all the sales and marketing campaigns. It complies all the sales, reports and marketing campaigns to meet the goals and requirements of the company.

Salary =50,000 BRL

2) Mechanical Engineering Manager

Mechanical Engineering Manager manages the proposals, manages time sheets and budgets. They also give staff trainings and write performance for the appraisals of the employee and personnel. They coordinate and direct projects and have a talk with the marketing staffs to meet the requirements and specifications. This may look easy jobs but it requires lot of hard work, dedication that’s why it is one of the highest paid jobs in the Brazil.

Salary = 45,000 BRL

3) Physician – Ophthalmology

Physician – Ophthalmology is the expert to diseases  related to the anatomy of the eye. They are also the surgeon, they can do the surgery on  traumatic injuries to the eye and cataract surgery. They are highly specialized in the anatomy of the eye.

Salary = 38,000 BRL

highest paying job in brazil

4) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer is the senior executive who is responsible for managing and executing all the financial actions of a company. The CFO’s duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions.

Salary = 37,000 BRL

5) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Office handles and manages all the resources, makes the corporate decisions and acts as the communication bridge between the board of directors and corporate managers. It requires lot of skills and knowledge to make the big decisions in the company that’s why it is one of the highest paid job in different parts of the country.

Salary = 35,800 BRL

6) Public Relations Manager(PRM)

Public Relations Manager handles all the press release and dealing with the press media and handles press conferences. They plan and strategise publicity campaign and tries to maintain a good value and goodwill of the company. They produce presentations and tries to make good public image for the employee and the company.

Salary = 35,000 BRL

highest paying job in brazil

7) Corporate Director

Corporate Director handles all the day to day activities of the office. It is the duty of the Corporate director to see whether the day to day operations are operating under the resources provided by the company and goals are going to meet or not near the future. Corporate director is appointed by the board of directors and it is one of the highest paid skills in Brazil.

Salary = 34,500 BRL

8) Geologist

Geologist studies the composition, structure, and other physical attributes of the earth, including rocks and minerals. They use knowledge of physics, geography in exploration for underground water, gases, oil and different kinds of mineral.

Salary = 32,000 BRL

*Salary may vary.