List of 5 Best Online Job Portals of Austria

best job portals of austria

Carrying your CV or resume and other necessary documents and traveling a long distance to enter a company’s door and ask for a job is a thing of the past. In modern days, everything has moved to the Internet. Even the businesses and companies have their own online presence and they use the Internet as a platform to recruit new people in their business. It has been a lot easier for companies to hire job seekers and job seekers to get employed in different companies through the use of the Internet. Previously, you used to see a limited number of job advertisements in the newspaper and you’d have to wait for a long time to find the perfect job for you. But now, things are changed with the growth of the Internet along with billions of people using it for their daily activities.

There is an uncountable number of job portals available on the Internet where you can certainly find the perfect job matching your requirements within a matter of time. It is said that every technology comes with a downside and the case is the same for the Internet as well. You might get scammed by fraud people who claim they will offer the perfect job for you. To prevent this, we carried out a research on the available job portal sites in Austria and have listed out some of the best job portal sites of Austria just to help you land the perfect job.

Best Job Portal Sites of Austria

1. Monster

Monster (formerly known as is one of the most popular job portal sites of Austria. There are thousands of job ads from several companies in Austria that you can find out in this Austria’s top employment portal. With the help of Monster, you can easily find your favorite job in your working industry in trusted companies in the region. Monster helps you find different jobs matching your requirements quickly. Also, you can get newsletters of new job offers of your industry every week to find out the perfect new job offers in Austria. It is highly recommended for every people in Austria to try out Monster once to find out a suitable job offer. As an employer, you can post job ads and hire job seekers through this Austrian job portal.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn easily makes into the list of the best job portal sites of most countries in the world. In fact, it is the best platform to put forward the perfect CV and get hired by a reputed company in your working industry. LinkedIn is not a job portal, but a worldwide platform to connect with different people and companies. It is like a social networking platform where you can find other people working in your sector and connect with them to get tips on growing bigger and getting recruited. You can simply create an account in LinkedIn and start focusing on building your profile because it will work as the perfect resume or portfolio while looking for a job. There are millions of users in LinkedIn among which thousands could be working in the same field as you and you will be able to connect with them or possibly connect with your future business partner or employer. We suggest you go and start building your LinkedIn profile right now.

3. StepStone 

StepStone is another trusted job portal site in Austria where you can find thousands of different job offers from different business owners in the region. There are nearly ten thousand available job offers in this platform and the number is growing rapidly along with the growth of Internet users in Austria. StepStone features a simple and fresh user interface where you can type a certain keyword to search for available Austrian jobs in your working area. The portal also allows you to set up a Job Agent through which you will be able to receive job offers in your sector earlier than anyone else using the platform. You will also be able to get in-depth information regarding the salary for different jobs in Austria through StepStone.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a widely popular job portal all over the world. It doesn’t just feature job offers in Austria, but also the job offers in the entire world. This portal features over 52 thousand different job ads from several companies in Austria allowing job seekers a wide variety of job offers to land themselves their perfect dream job. Glassdoor also offers ratings and salary ranges of businesses to provide proper information regarding the workplace to the job seekers. While searching for a job offer based in Austria, you need to type Austria in the Location field to find out the available offers in the region. You can also apply several search filters to find out new or old job offers as well as look for jobs in a certain salary range. You can also set the distance filter to search the nearest company to work for in your area. It could be a lot easier for you to find a suitable job among thousands of different available job offers in Glassdoor.

5. The Local – Jobs in Austria

The Local is one of the largest news portals in Austria providing news in English. Now, you might be wondering why a news portal is listed in the list of best job portal sites. The Local really deserves to be on this list as they also have a section in their website where one can find different jobs in Austria. To find out the available jobs in Austria through this platform, you will have to hover over to the jobs area from the main menu on the homepage of the website. You will be able to discover several jobs in four different places in Austria along with the option to search for jobs under a certain category.

There are over 10 different categories to choose from where you can find different companies looking forward to hiring a skilled candidate for their business through job ads in The Local. With that being said, we now hope you won’t have any difficulties in looking for jobs in Austria. People usually find it very tough to find out job offers and actually get hired by companies in Austria, but with the help of these five best job portal sites of Austria, you can easily find the perfect job matching your criteria, provided that you possess the required skills for the job.

Above mentioned lists are the best job portal sites of Austria that one can go through to find a job.

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