Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada
Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for Factory worker jobs in Canada? If yes, you are on the right website. With the end of this post, you can achieve the information and the jobs related to factory workers and apply it. So, make sure you read this article correctly.

Many manufacturing companies in Canada are actively searching for factory workers and providing jobs to immigrants as well. Factory workers are hired in most of Canada’s central provinces and cities like Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Scarborough, Brampton, Edmonton, etc. Make sure you read the job description correctly before applying for the job. If you are skilled or unskilled, you have an excellent opportunity to get a job in Canada.

Factory Workers Wanted in Canada 2023

Factory Workers Wanted in Canada 2023
Factory Workers Wanted in Canada 2023

Generally, factory workers are responsible for manufacturing the finished goods the factory produces. As such, they must also maintain the factory’s cleanliness. They have to keep the production targets that the factory supervisor sets.

As the factory has to produce a lot of raw materials. The worker must do the job part-time or full-time. There are shifts in the factory work. The job requirements for factory workers usually include having a high school diploma or equivalent education. They should maintain the proper health procedure.

Latest Factory Job and Recruitment | Hiring in Canada 2023

Below you can find the latest factory jobs available in Canada. You can choose from a lot of the vacancies listed below while applying. Make sure you read the description of the employment.

Job Title No. of Vacancies Location Action
Factory Helper 38 Canada Apply Now
Factory Labourer 62 Canada Apply Now
Packaging Worker 29 Canada Apply Now
Manufacturing Workers and Labourers 8 Canada Apply Now
Elemental Worker 39 Canada Apply Now
General Labourer 1000+ Canada Apply Now
Food and Beverage Production Worker 1000+ Canada Apply Now
Plastic Composite Worker 82 Canada Apply Now
Construction Worker/Labourer 55 Canada Apply Now
Textile Factory Worker 85 Canada Apply Now
Meat Processing Worker 63 Canada Apply Now
Warehouse Worker 485 Canada Apply Now
Biscuit Factory Helper 24 Canada Apply Now
Chocolate Factory Helper 36 Canada Apply Now
Cheese factory worker 149 Canada Apply Now
Food Processing Worker 584 Canada Apply Now
Labourer, general – manufacturing 108 Quebec, Canada Apply Now
General Labour 64 Quebec, Canada Apply Now
Plastic Manufactory Factory Labour 14 Ontario, Canada Apply Now
Factory labourer – manufacturing 46 Quebec, Canada Apply Now
Helper, factory 124 Quebec, Canada Apply Now
Cheese factory worker 36 Quebec, Canada Apply Now


Factory Worker’s Main Duties and Tasks

  • Load/Unload raw materials and finished goods to/from vehicles
  • Load raw materials into production lines
  • Inspect the quality of finished products.
  • Perform assembly and sub-assembly operations.
  • Operate handheld equipment.
  • Use pallet jacks to transport raw materials.

How to Apply for Factory Jobs in Canada

While applying for factory jobs in Canada, one should properly follow the factory rules while applying for the positions. As per the factory’s rules, you should mail the CV. Make sure you provide the updated CV.

Another thing that should be considered while applying for jobs in Canada is to read the employment description. Because the description of the jobs plays a vital role after you get selected.

Does Canada Hire Foreign Factory Workers?

Yes, Canada is hiring foreign workers as foreign workers need to be more laborious and cost-friendly. People from different countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are valued in Canada.

Average Salary of Factory Workers in Canada

Salaries of the factory workers depends upon the work type , difficulty and the risk. But normally salary offered by the Factories in Canada are listed below:

Hourly Rate C$12 – C$27
Bonus C$500 – C$1,656 Annually
Profit-Sharing C$0 – C$500
Total Annual Payout C$24,484 – C$49,860 Annually

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