Financial Statement of Commercial Banks & its Major Heading

financial statement

What is the financial statement? वित्तीय विवरण भनेको के हो?

  • The accounting output of the bank or organization is called a financial statement.
  •  It is reporting part of account cycle which is used to provide information to the concern authorities.
  • It is prepared by using unique techniques.
  • It is also called the final account.

Core elements of financial statements /Major heading os Financial Statement

[Trading account + PL account = Income statement. But in case of B&FIs PL account is income statement]

तर B&FIs in Nepal prepare a financial statement as per the unified directory no. 4 (एकिकृत निर्देशिका नं. ४) of Nepal Rastra Bank including change in equity ( equity मा भएको परिवर्तन) and Notes to account (लेखाको टिप्पणी).

Importance of Financial Statement

(Importance of Balance Sheet, PL Account and Cash Flow Statement)

Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

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