LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai for 2024

LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai
LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai
LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai for 2024:

Are you looking for a job opening in Dubai, especially in the LULU Hypermarket? If yes, you have come to the right place. We have just updated the latest job vacancies at the LULU hypermarket.

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LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai
LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai

Apply for LULU Hypermarket Careers?

We have updated the job link and job description on our website. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions. After you click on the link you will be redirected to their LinkedIn website. Make sure you provide all your genuine details. And yes, make sure you have an updated CV and all the details are accurate.

About LULU Hypermarket

As we know LULU hypermarket is a top-notch retail chain that originated in the Middle East and has expanded globally. It is popular as it has a large hypermarket format which offers all the products including groceries, apparel, electronics, and Gadgets. As such, it provides all these items under one roof, which makes it easy for the customer to purchase all the necessary items without visiting a lot of places.

LULU hypermarket is popular because of its Pricing, categories of the product, and its product under one roof.

LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening in Dubai for 2024

Deputy General Manager – Hypermarket



. Maintain optimum level of stock by reducing aged stock and surplus stock. Monitor product movement, FIFO, stock holding & back-store management by regularly checking the back-store & Receiving Area.

. Improve customer counts / footfall and average basket value through constant monitoring and initiatives to promote sales.

. Approve the financial requirements [within the permitted level] for store maintenance & services, staff & other business activities.

. Follow compliance of SOPs, Rules & Regulations set by the company & regulating authorities.

. Coordinate with the mall management team for regular & scheduled maintenance & other AMC operations, wherever applicable.

. Monitor the Quality Mgt System-QMS practices and make necessary corrective actions for improvement, wherever applicable on standards such as ISO, HACCP etc.

. Review and Submit periodical reports (SRM, GAP Scan, sales, wastage, KPI, promotion planning, improvement action plans etc., as applicable) to RO team.

. Customer comments, complaints and feedback: Ensure customer suggestions and feedback are considered and acted upon to improving excellent customer shopping experience.

. Promote Lulu Happiness (loyalty) program as a customer retention strategy by registering more customers into the programme.

. Periodical meetings & reviews with all stakeholders, including vendors, tenants & AMC team.

. Conduct MRM & budget meeting with the team periodically to review business performance and communicate the minutes of the meetings to all relevant people for improvement action.

. Conducting staff meeting to ensure that staff issues are addressed & solved on a timely basis, motivate them to increase work efficiency, & make them grow professionally.


. Bachelor degree in Business, Retail, Or Retail Store Operations Or Management.

. Minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience in Hypermarket Retail Format in various categories (Grocery/ Bakery/ Meat / Fish/ Food & Non Food/ Frozen / FMCG / Consumer Durables / CDIT / Hot Kitchen , Apparels (Mens. Womens, Kids) etc.

. Knowledge of international best practices in Retail store Ops & Logistics & Store Mgmt.

. Knowledge of LFS, SAP & Microsoft Suite (Excel will be mandatory).

FAQ’s for LULU Hypermarket Jobs opening

How do I apply for a job at LULU Hypermarket?

  • It’s simple, You can apply through the LinkedIn profile of LULU hypermarket or you can visit their official Website. Make sure you submit the resume with proper information.

What kind of positions are available at LULU Hypermarket?

  • LULU Hypermarket provides a wide range of positions which includes cashiers, customer service representatives, warehouse staff and many more.

What are the minimum qualifications required for employment?

  • It depends upon the position you are applying. While some positions may need specific skills or experience some may not need proper experience.

What is the hiring process like?

  • It usually involves you submitting an application with your resume which may be followed by the interviews. Like experience, it also depends on the additional test as per the position

What benefits are offered to employees?

  • You may be eligible for competitive salaries, insurance, paid time off and some employee discounts.

Is there room for growth and advancement within the company?

  • Yes, the LULU hypermarket does give promotions to deserving candidates. As such they provide training to the employees to advance their careers.

What is the work environment like at LULU Hypermarket?

  • LULU hypermarket provides a friendly, healthy and supportive work environment where you can grow professionally.

Are there part-time or flexible job opportunities available?

  • Yes, but it depends upon the nature of the qualifications of the jobs.

Why Lulu Hypermarket?

LULU hypermarket provides a lively work environment where you are valued for your potential. we have provided some reasons which will help you to join the team of LULU hypermarket.

  1. Global Presence: LULU hypermarket has operated its business across all the areas of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As such LULU hypermarket provides employment and opportunities for all the people of the country for proper career growth.
  2. Diverse Workforce: LULU hypermarket embraces diversity and fosters a workplace where from all backgrounds and religions can come to work together.
  3. Employee Benefits: LULU hypermarket provides competitive salaries with comprehensive benefits for the motivation of the staff which helps the staff to work positively.
  4. Commitment to Sustainability: LULU hypermarket is committed to operating in a very responsible manner and gives back to its community through its corporate social responsibility programs.
  5. Innovative Culture: At LULU hypermarket, we can find creativity and innovation. You will find the resources and the support that you will need for a positive change in your career.

Equal Employment Opportunity

You can enjoy LULU hypermarket’s Equal Employment opportunity. LULU hypermarket is dedicated to providing equal opportunity to its employees and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind to its employees. No matter what your race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability or so on, they treat everyone equally.

Join LULU Hypermarket team

You can join various job opportunities in the LULU hypermarket team. some of them are as follows.

  1. Retail Operations: You can join the frontline team and be part of the customer service in the hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores.
  2. Merchandising: You can join Merchandising where you will contribute to the organization with the product assortment and the presentation by working in merchandising that involves inventory management, and product sourcing.
  3. Sales and Marketing: You can join the sales and marketing where you will be handling brand sales, marketing, promotions and digital marketing.
  4. Finance and Accounting: You can join in the finance and accounting. You can support the organization by working in roles related to accounting, auditing and financial planning.
  5. Human Resources: You can join the HR team where you will work to recruit, train, and maintain employee relations in the LULU hypermarket
  6. Information Technology: You can work in Information Technology where you will be focused on systems development, cybersecurity and data analytics.