5 Best Online Job Portal Sites of Australia

best job portals of australia

Finding a job online has been one of the quickest ways of getting employed in recent days. There are billions of Internet users all over the world and hundreds of thousands of companies are taking their business to the next level by making a presence on the Internet. With an employment-oriented network like LinkedIn, both employers and job-seekers can find out different people and companies to work with through different job portals. With the growth of the Internet, the number of job portals is also rising rapidly. However, not all of them are trusted. Today, we have brought some of the best portal sites of Australia to find out jobs as well as job seekers online. All the portal sites of Australia listed in our comprehensive collection are based on their trustability, reliability, user reviews, rankings, and several authentic measures.

5 Best Online Job Portal Sites of Australia


best online job portals of australia

Without any doubt, SEEK is the best job portal site of Australia for jobs, employment, career, and recruitment. If you are looking for a job, you can find different jobs and career-related
information and facts to land you a brand new job in Australia through the simple and unique user interface of SEEK. Also, as an employer, you can find an ideal person to recruit to take your business to the next level through SEEK. SEEK also lies in the 28th position among the top websites in Australia with over 6 minutes of average time spent on it per day. The portal allows you to create a new account and having an account means you will be able to reach into the same job page that you found on the portal the earlier day leaving it that time to prepare your necessary documents. If you are looking forward to growing your business, you can also create new job ads which will help you to reach out to different job seekers for recruitment.

2. LinkedIn

best online job portals of australia linkedin

LinkedIn is not only an employment-oriented network, but it also acts as one of the largest job portals available on the Internet. In fact, it covers the largest number of users looking for new jobs online as well as several companies seeking some talented candidates to grow their business. In the context of Australia, LinkedIn lies in the 15th position among the top websites which is certainly a lot higher than SEEK. If you are looking for a job in Australia, LinkedIn would certainly be our recommendation along with SEEK to connect with different brands and businesses on the Internet. Just by looking at your LinkedIn profile, you may be able to land yourself a new job. That’s the power of LinkedIn’s user interface which makes your profile look even more professional than your CV.

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Nowadays, several companies are recruiting new people through LinkedIn and you could be the next one to be hired if you start working on building your profile on this grand portal right now. You will be able to connect with different job candidates, companies, business partners as well as the experts in your working industry through your LinkedIn account along with the ability to maintain their contact details to increase the trust in business. The reason why we kept LinkedIn in the second place in our list is that LinkedIn isn’t actually a job portal, but a network to connect with different people in your industry.

3. Jora Australia

best online job portals of australia linkedin

Jora is an international job portal having its subsidiary job portals for different regions of the world, among which Jora Australia is one. When you visit the portal, you will find a very simple user interface which is very easy to use and discover different job offers. While Jora isn’t as big as SEEK, it has partnered with the largest job portal in Australia to
provide amazing services to its users. You may not be able to find Jora anywhere in the list of top websites of Australia as it is relatively newer for the Australians, but it is rapidly growing and making a mark as one of the best job portal sites in Australia. Generally, Jora features aggregated advertisements covering different Australian job platforms and sites. You can post your own jobs or look for new jobs for free through this simple, yet trusted job portal.

4. Jobactive, powered by JobSearch

best online job portals of australia

In this list of best online job portals of Australia, here comes Jobactive. It is one among several popular job portal sites in Australia which is run by the
Australian Government itself. It is a portal featuring different government contracted agencies which help in providing jobs to unemployed people in Australia. The portal is powered by JobSearch and aggregates different job advertisements from other Australian job portals like CareerOne.
Jobactive also allows employers to post job ads directly through the portal allowing job seekers to connect with even more companies and brands.

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To look for jobs through this portal, you
 simply have to create a job seeker account and start searching for your favorite job in Australia.
You can also use the Jobactive dashboard to manage your job requirements and record your
attendance using the Your task to do list. Through this amazing job portal as well as job
aggregator platform, you will also be able to set up job alerts as a job seeker.

5. CareerOne

best online job portals of australia

CareerOne is one of the most popular job portal sites of Australia where you can search over a
thousand different jobs. The portal features a cool user interface allowing you to search for jobs of
different categories for different locations inside Australia. Along with that, you will also be able to see some companies in the featured section of the homepage where you can find your
favorite job quickly.

CareerOne is built to provide a better experience for both job seeker and recruiter by
streamlining the connection between both sides. As a job seeker, you can find the perfect
job for you and upload your resume and wait for you to be recruited by your dream job at your
dream company. That’s what the portal says itself: “Search jobs, upload your resume and find
 employment“. When you scroll down a bit in the homepage, you will be able to search jobs
based on different categories such as the working industry, locations inside Australia and
companies which lie in the region.


That’s pretty much it. When you visit all these job portals, you will be able to witness the same
businesses in each as the recruiters generally try to post job ads in every popular job portal
sites to reach out to thousands of job seekers to find out the perfect one to grow their business.
We believe you are now on the right path if you choose any of the above job portal sites to find
your perfect dream job in Australia.

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