8 Online Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2019

Online jobs you do from home

In this digital era, the birth of new technologies and rapidly increasing social platforms have opened the door of countless opportunities for earning. For those who have spare time at home or don’t have any stable job yet, online jobs from home can be a great way to make the income. There are various sources out in this digital ground which one can easily pick up and try for instant income. Here in this article, we will make you familiar with some online jobs that you can try doing from your home for extra income.

1. Online Surveys

online survey

An online survey can be an ideal choice for online earning. It is an easy and simple task where you need to give the reviews and opinions on various products and services, do the opinions poll and surveys among the customers. Online surveys are generally done to know the satisfaction, evaluation, and interests of their customers towards their products. There are dozens of the site out there which will pay you on being the part of their online surveys.

2. Blogging


One of the reliable and prominent way to earn online is to choose to blog as your part-time home job. Using the writing and expressing skills, writers can write on the niche they feel comfortable and easily attract the potential audiences to grow their blog. Making money through blogging involves the Google AdSense Program, sponsored post, product reviews and so on. However, maintaining a better blog requires you to have a paid web hosting and a web domain.

3. YouTubing

Best home based online jobs

YouTube is one of the popular Google product for watching videos and lives. You can easily create a YouTube channel, upload interesting videos on the subject of your choice and start earning through the monetization program of YouTube. You may have seen various ads while watching the YouTube videos which are the secrets behind earning through YouTube channel. A lot of video creators are using the YouTube platform and making a decent income.

4. Web Development

Starting your job as a freelance web developer is not an easy job but it is fairly an awesome way to get a handful of income. If you have good web development skills then you can spend it to build websites for individuals and companies and get paid. Learning web development can be easy unless you have access to a bunch of free tutorials and courses in this field. All you need is a successful portfolio with a decent experience and awesome sites you have managed to build and you can easily try in freelancing platforms and start earning from home as a web developer.

5. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

With the growth of numerous websites and blogs, there are many opportunities for the freelance writer to put their hand on for earning a good income. With your writing skills, you can write for the news, reviews, blogs, etc. and provide the content for various sorts of websites. Your writing experience with a portfolio of success can drive you in the field of earning from home.

6.Graphics Designing

graphics designing

Graphics designers and experts can use their skills to produce creative images, typographies, arts, logos, advertisements and so on and earn a good income. As a graphic designer, you can try out in various freelancing platforms like Up work, Fiverr and get the job regarding the graphics production.

7.Online Tutoring

online tutorial

If you have a good presentation and the teaching skill, you can spend a few hours teaching the students over the internet on the subjects of your expertise. You can give teaching and consultancy services through various internet services. There are various websites on the internet where you can give your teaching service part-time and earn a good income.

8.Data Entry

data entry

Data entry jobs are the proven ways of easy online earning from home. There are many data entry jobs available on the internet which you can follow. If your writing speed is super cool, you can try out this work.

Those were some of the chosen ways of earning online from home in an easy way. Apart from aforementioned, other sources of earning include working as a virtual assistant, translator, social media manager, affiliate marketing, captcha solver and so on which could be a worthy choice for you part time earning from home.