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functions of NRB

Functions, Duties and Rights of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)

The central bank is established in every country for the monetary, banking and financial development. The central bank is established for regulating the banks...
functions of commercial banks

Functions, Duties and Rights of Commercial Banks in Nepal

What is a Commercial Bank? Commercial Banks are financial institutions that provide services like accepting deposit from the general public, making business loans, and offering...
old question paper of rbb

Old Question Paper Collection of Rastriya Banijya Bank Level 4 & 5

Old Question Paper of RBB Level 5 (Prashashan) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Old Question Paper of RBB Level 5 (Prashashan)
what is share debenture and bond

Share, Debenture and Bond | Introduction & Differences

What is Share Capital? A share capital amount of money raised by issuing the share by a company. The shareholders are the owner of the...
modes of payment

Instruments or Modes of Payment | भुक्तानीका साधनहरु

What are the modes of payment in banking and financial institutions? Different modes of payments are Cash Cheque Draft SWIFT Fax Transfer Mail Transfer Letter...
what is remittance

What is Remittance | Benefit & Means of Remittance

What is Remittance? Remittance is the transfer of money from one place to another place or one account to another account. Difference means can be...
loan classification

Loan Classification and Loan Loss Provision | कर्जा नोक्सानी व्यवस्था

Loan Classification The bank loan can be classified into two types according to the overdue of the credit period. बैंकहरुले प्रवाह गरेको कर्जा/सापटको साँवा वा...
lending principles

Lending and Lending Principles | कर्जा र कर्जा लगानीका सिद्धान्तहरु

What is the loan? Loan is the amount of money provided to individual or institution for a predefined time period by the bank and financial...
Deposit mobilization

Deposit Mobilization (Procedures) | निक्षेप परिचालन कसरि गर्ने

What is deposit mobilization? Deposit mobilization is an integral part of any bank. It is the primary function of any commercial banks. Bank cannot achieve...
types of deposit

Types of Deposit and Deposit Mobilization | निक्षेपका प्रकारहरु

What is a deposit? Deposit is amount taken from the customer/amount deposited by the customer. Accepting deposit is the primary function of the bank. ...